Our Learning Circle is for supporting one another in our common goal to meaningfully integrate technology in our classrooms by sharing ideas, lessons, challenges, and successes, especially for making best use of our Interactive Whiteboards.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Get Your Feet Wet...

At our next meeting, on Jan. 28th, we will be discussing "Why Interactive Whiteboards?" If you feel comfortable beginning some conversation here, please add a comment below in response to the question: Why do you feel Interactive Whiteboards are a useful tool for meaningfully integrating technology in our classrooms?


  1. I believe that interactive whiteboards have lots of potential to be used for meaningful integration of technology, because when used correctly, they allow us to put technology into kids' hands, to address many learning styles, and to connect kids with each other, as well as with ideas and people outside our classrooms... as is clearly demonstrated in this example.Of course, it is all in how you use the SmartBoards... If your SmartBoard is always utilized as a 'presentation'or 'content delivery' tool for teacher use only, you are not effectively integrating technology into your classroom. Check out what the passionate librarian has to say on the issue.

  2. Why interactive whiteboards? Suddenly the range of opportunities I can offer for learning within the context of a single lesson in a confined environment grows exponentially...
    I think it is the spontaneity the board brings that makes me enjoy using it so much. The teachable moment comes alive with a quick trip to Africa or a walk down a forest path to find pine cones. Suddenly, the classroom and the individuals in it can be anywhere! Also, I appreciate the power the Notebook Software gives learners to create and document their learning journeys. This article at http://tinyurl.com/yct86uo
    is interesting and the comments generated fit this discussion really well. Thanks for starting us off Michelle!!

  3. Thanks for the link, Alissa! The points made in the article are very poignant. Thanks for bringing up the importance of students utilizing the Notebook software. I see effective use of the SmartBoard and Notebook 10 as a moving target... the more I learn, the more I realize I don't know, and the more I try to use this tool more effectively. We all have to start somewhere... And it is only by starting to use it that we can improve our use of it!!

  4. I am sure the whole group will bring enormous knowledge and teaching to all. I am speaking from a point of "uneasiness" in using the Smartboard - I know it is a temporary state of 'mind' but it is here. I would like to know how you all felt the first time you had the opportunity to use it. Maybe reading about some challenges some of you had will give me the hope I could learn how to use it efficiently in a short period of time.
    Thanks for your support.

  5. It does take time to learn Julia and baby steps is the best approach! You should feel very proud of yourself as you put yourself in that place of discomfort. I found it very challenging at first to get used to where the tools were. I felt clumsy in front of the kids and that annoyed me. I soon figured out to take it in stride and ask for their help! ;-)

  6. Thank you for the encouragement. I know it takes time and practice to learn. Reading the article 'Teaching with technology' I was wondering if it would help to have a few teacher techs to 'serve' a bunch of schools each to get us going faster with this learning. The members of our group are at different stages in their learning and some are very skilled but they do teach through the day so they could not help other teachers. I have only one student in my class who used a smartboard before and there are no other students in school who know how to use it. So, the help is limited but I do not dispair.