Our Learning Circle is for supporting one another in our common goal to meaningfully integrate technology in our classrooms by sharing ideas, lessons, challenges, and successes, especially for making best use of our Interactive Whiteboards.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Agenda for April 29th Meeting

Looking forward to seeing you this Thursday, Apr. 29th at Lazo... This is our final meeting before the Partnership Projects Showcase.

It will be a last chance to explore, discuss, and solidify some of the communication and collaboration tools we set up this year. Jaki has been playing with the possibilities of a Wiki for our uploads.

We will also spend a little more time playing on the boards, this time in grade groupings, so please bring your favourite grade-specific (we'll split into Primary or Intermediate) resources, lessons, or ideas to share.

Alissa suggested sharing some ideas around Classroom Management strategies for using the SmartBoards effectively in our classrooms, so we'll have some discussion regarding your ideas around this always important topic as well.

We will close the afternoon with some reflection on how the Learning Circle worked this year. What worked? What didn't? What's next? :-)

And of course snacks & doorprizes...

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