Our Learning Circle is for supporting one another in our common goal to meaningfully integrate technology in our classrooms by sharing ideas, lessons, challenges, and successes, especially for making best use of our Interactive Whiteboards.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Not being overly technologically savvy, I am getting frustrated with trying to learn all these new sites and technology and buzz words and and and that are popping up. Where are people finding the time figure these out, or does it come just naturally! I feel as though I would need to be on the computer 24/7 to figure this out and I'm already on the computer about 18/7! I know once I learn it will come so easy and I will kick myself for not knowing it right away.
So my questions, where do people find the time, and are we being overrun with new technologies and things? Is there not one site or source that can combine and serve all our needs instead of having 50 zillion accounts and places to check!!
ps - please forgive me for sounding pessimistic.....I am simply only overwhelmed!! Am I alone in this plight?


  1. Only hours ago, I was feeling the same as you! Too many usernames/passwords, too little time. I think that being a part of this group is a step in the right direction for people like us! Try something new, but don't feel like you have to try it all and know it all right away. Taking that first step is the hardest part, and I think we've already done that! You are not alone!

  2. Perhaps we should have support group?? Technology Overload Anonymous!

  3. Perhaps I should not have set such an ambitious deadline folks! ;-) This certainly was not meant to be an exercise in frustration. :-) Extension, anyone!?!? I'm so proud of you all for giving it a go and taking those first step. It's great that we have one another for encouragement!