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Monday, February 22, 2010

SmartBoard...The Good, Bad and Ugly

Some days my SmartBoard isn't so smart...or maybe it is the operator...I'm never quite sure...
Anyway, to make sure I'm not alone I thought it would be great if we could post some of our successes and challenges with the board.
Being a Primary Teacher here are some of my experiences in a two stars and a wish format ;-)
I find the board very user friendly. One of my biggest feelings of success has come from how I can quickly fire up the laptop/projector/ and board and be ready to go in minutes (barring any technology snags e.g. burned out projector bulb, crashing laptop, etc.)

I love how the SmartBoard has livened up my lessons. My group can really only last with me being the "one woman show" for 10 minutes. Being able to talk, shift gears to add visuals, sounds, kinesthetic opportunities and then talk some more ;-) has been fantastic.

WISH! I still struggle with trying to have too many things open at once. When I have the internet, Notebook, sound clips etc. all open I still get lost...I wish I could become proficient enough that I look like Vanna up there...instead...I've embraced the fact that it is an opportunity for problem solving for the kids..."Mrs. Pratt! You lost the picture! There it is! Right at the bottom!" etc. ;-)

Please! Share your thoughts, feelings, experiences with us all!

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  1. Great discussion topic, Alissa!

    **I love the opportunities to add variety and multisensory dimensions to my lessons. It is so much more engaging to include visuals, video clips, and interactive games. And I love the ease with which I can bring the world into the classroom!

    **I love that I can scan any graphic organizer, math sheet, or story to display on my board... it makes following along so much easier! Of course we could do this with overheads, but the bonus is, how easily I can save and retrieve my Notebook files.

    WISH: I have found it challenging to move beyond the basics. My goal this year is to incorporate the recorder into some lessons and for my KIDS to use the SmartBoard and Notebook 10 for creation and presentation purposes.