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Monday, February 22, 2010

To Smartboard or not to Smartboard - Ramblings...

One difficulty I know many of us face is the lack of access to smartboards. For the beginning of this year I had a smartboard in my class which I became very accustomed to!! I used it most for those teachable moments, but also managed to create some neat lessons. My goal was to use the board more interactively with my students.

Now, since moving schools, I am feeling a bit lost without my old friend the smartboard. I feel my lessons don't quite have that same "pop!" So often, I find myself thinking, "I miss my smartboard"......Are we developing too much of a reliance on them?? What happens when we move on to a land of no smartboards?? Will job competition now be based on what school has the most access to the boards???

I found there is a HUGE learning curve to learn this technology and it is very difficult with no or little access. How can we get around this??? It is hard to learn something if we cannot apply it within a reasonable timeframe. I have found having the software at home on my computer has been a tremendous help as it allows me to play and build lesson plans. However, I am also finding it hard to take the time to do this as I cannot use these lesson plans now.....hmmmm.

Bottom line: Smartboards are fun and a great teaching tool.....I just wish we all had them!!

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  1. You ask some very probing questions, Krista! Sorry to hear you are missing your SmartBoard... although perhaps that just affirms the power of the tool! However, you are right, it is difficult with little or no access! Your initiative to play with Notebook at home is commendable. What a good way to learn! But, I can see how it would be slightly disappointing, too! I hope your path will cross with a more permanent SmartBoard situation soon!