Our Learning Circle is for supporting one another in our common goal to meaningfully integrate technology in our classrooms by sharing ideas, lessons, challenges, and successes, especially for making best use of our Interactive Whiteboards.

Monday, February 22, 2010

First Time Blogger

Well, the power of potentially winning a draw prize is strong as here I am at 10pm writing my first blog post! I love that I have joined this group since now everytime I use my Smartboard I ask myself if there is something I can do to make this lesson or activity interactive.

LOVE: Notebook software - such a great way to organize my thoughts, activities, and lesson sequence. That you guys just told me to use Diigo to keep track of my websites and I didn't have to overanalyze the choices. How you can organize files electronically. The variety that a projector and interactive whiteboard provide. That I've got a few games to try with my class and as CST by being part of this group.

DON'T LOVE (having a hard time saying hate): word processing on Notebook is not easy for me. I wish I could easily save publisher or word document on notebook. Any advice for me? That I am getting so sidetracked with all the potential programs. For example, I am like the idea of OneNote, but don't want too many organization systems. Think I will just stick to Notebook for now.

WISH: for an extra hour to watch Alec Couros (sp?) video from prod day. Anyone want to have a glass of wine and watch this sometime soon?

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  1. Congrats on your first blog post, Lynn! You should feel very proud... pushing into that uncomfortable place is when the most authentic learning happens!

    As for your quandry with Word and Notebook, I have the same issue... Perhaps others have some advice for us?

    With regards to your wish... it may just come true... and better! We may have the opportunity to connect with Alec in person online after Spring Break!